Infinite choice of design and logo

One of the greatest assets of our service is the total freedom of design and logo.

We have over 3,500 SeaDek® brands in stock

Unlimited Design and Logo Options

You can customize your boat endlessly, so that it truly reflects your style and personality. What’s more, we offer the possibility of integrating customized logos, whether it’s the name of your boat, your company or a design that’s close to your heart.

This design and logo flexibility not only allows you to stand out from the crowd, but also to create a boating experience that’s uniquely yours. With so much to choose from, your boat will become a work of art in motion.

Turn your vision into reality

Take advantage of our experience and know-how to create a boat that perfectly reflects your taste and personality. With our help, you can have your dream drawn, see it materialize and finally take to the sea with a boat that is a true expression of yourself.

Unlimited combinations of colors, textures and patterns

With an almost unlimited range of colors, textures and patterns, you can customize your boat to your heart’s content.

Let our designers create your dream

Turn your vision into reality by working with our expert designers, whatever your wildest dream.

Integrate your name and logos on your boat

Add a unique personal touch to your boat by integrating a name and your logos thanks to our personalization service.

Get started today

Start shaping your design easily online.